An attorney for the family of the 2-year-old boy denied a kidney transplant by Emory University Hospital in Atlanta says they are now “exploring every option.” During a prayer vigil held last night outside Egleston Children’s Hospital, Attorney Mawuli Davis said “we are operating at a level of desperation.” While the child’s father, Anthony Dickerson, is a perfect match, Emory University Hospital has postponed the transplant following Dickerson’s arrest for a parole violation. The child was born without kidneys and was rushed to Egleston Sunday for treatment of a stomach infection. Congressman Hank Johnson said during the vigil “When Baby A.J.’s daddy was accused of committing a crime, not convicted, the forces-that-be, here at Emory University Hospital, decided to impose almost a death sentence on Baby A.J..” The hospital, according to the family’s attorneys, indicates that the father can be re-evaluated in 90 days to begin the process of determining if his kidney is still a match.

baby aj 1 e1509309060639 Baby A.J. Attorney: We Are Operating At A Level Of Desperation

Two year old A.J. Dickerson was born without kidneys. Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA is refusing to allow the boy to receive a kidney from his father because of a parole violation. (Photo from Davis-Bozeman Law)

According to Attorney Davis, they are in contact with Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital, as they explore other hospitals, in and outside of Georgia, who would be willing to bring Dickerson in, go through the battery of tests “to do everything all over again” which Davis said “would be a delay that we think would be absolutely avoidable.” He added that the cost outside the state would be very different from what Baby A.J.’s family is currently experiencing. Davis even solicited professional athletes, entertainers “to help this family any way possible.”
baby aj vigil genise shelton et al Baby A.J. Attorney: We Are Operating At A Level Of Desperation

“Married To Medicine” cast member Genise Shelton (l), is shown with DeKalb County Commissioner Merita Davis Johnson, and Congressman Hank Johnson during the Sunday night vigil for Baby A.J. outside Egleston Hospital. (Credit: Maria Boynton/CBS Local)

Davis said, the thought early-on, was that “we could talk through this and work it out. We thought it was a common-sense decision.” Yet, Davis says, that while they’ve been requesting meetings with Emory University Hospital for almost 2 weeks to discuss Baby A.J., no meetings have occurred as of yet.

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