Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson joined John and Hugh on Friday to talk about his team’s night game against Clemson Saturday night. Johnson says there’s no question that Clemson’s defense is the strength of their team. The Tigers have a lot of returning players and a lot of “future NFL guys.” Johnson says Clemson has done a great job recruiting and have dedicated a lot of resources to build that defense.

When asked about quarterback TaQuon Marshall, Johnson said, “He’s played very well. It’s a little early for comparisons to [previous] guys at his position. We’ve been really pleased with the way he’s played.” Johnson said Marshall started to separate himself in the spring but wanted QB to be an open position heading into fall camp.

As far as the teams losses, Johnson says anytime you lose a game it’s frustrating; the Miami game may have been a tougher loss to swallow than Tennessee because of the play they won it on. We have the chance to really accomplish things and knock some of the teams that maybe we don’t like as much out of what they’re trying to accomplish.


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