Atlanta United Technical Director Carlos Bocanegra joined John and Hugh Friday to reflect back at the team’s inaugural season after it came to an end last night. Carlos talked about the heart and energy this team played with, not only last night, but throughout the entire season. He talks about how the fans have ‘fought’ for them; bringing the atmosphere and energy into Mercedes-Benz Stadium. “It really pushed our guys on. After a long season, coming home like that, you feel for the fans and you feel for everyone in the stadium going home empty-handed because they’re so passionate and create such a good environment.”

Carlos says the team and organization is going to sit back and digest the loss for a few days. “It’s never easy to take a loss like this and get knocked out of the playoffs.” They’ll start to reassess from the top down and begin off-season preparation starting next week. He also says Atlanta United has set the bar for future expansion teams to hit even higher levels. “It’s great to be a part of an organization who’s leading the charge for soccer in this country and pushing it forward.”


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