Michael Sterling is no longer a candidate for Atlanta Mayor. He has suspended his campaign saying, over the last two weeks, he realized it would be “a virtual impossibility” for him to win. Also, the campaign funds were running out. Responding to those who say he jumped into the race for Atlanta’s top job too early, the 35-year-old former head of the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency says, “I don’t think it’s ever to early”. He adds, “young people ought to be engaged in society.” As for the reason he stepped into the crowded field of those wanting the job of mayor of Atlanta, Sterling says, “I wasn’t happy with some of the things I saw happening in the city, and some of the challenges I felt weren’t being addressed, so I got up and made my voice known.”

michael sterling v forum 2017 1 Ex Candidate For Atlanta Mayor Expresses No Regrets

Michael Sterling joined 8 other candidates on stage during the Oct. 9, 2017 CBS Radio Atlanta Mayoral Forum. (Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

Sterling is now supporting Ceasar Mitchell. A recent poll shows Mary Norwood and Keisha Lance Bottoms at the head of the pack. Also in the mayoral contest are Peter Aman, John Eaves, Vincent Fort, Kwanza Hall, and Cathy Woolard. The election is on Tuesday, Nov. 7.


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