Falcons head coach Dan Quinn joined The Morning Show with John and Hugh on Wednesday to talk about the team’s preparation for the New York Jets on Sunday. Coach Quinn said they worked out Sean Weatherspoon on Monday; says he brings with him fantastic leadership. They’ll see where he’s at this week, and “play it by ear on terms of his readiness and how long it’ll take him to get ready and help in some regard.”

On offensive struggles: The two areas they want to improve on is third downs and in the red zone. They’ll put in a good bit of work on third down this week in practice. He recognizes that they need to get more opportunities with the run game, and that’ll come by being more successful on third down.

Moving on to their preparation against the Jets on Sunday, Coach Quinn knows they’re facing another tough defensive line. He mentioned specifically both Mo Wilkerson and Leonard Williams along with their safeties. He likes their toughness and expects a very physical game.

Offensively, Coach Quinn says the Jets utilize all of their running backs, and need to be sound on defense on whichever one has the hot hand come Sunday.


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