Former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray joined The Morning Show with John and Hugh Monday to talk about his new job in the broadcast booth and the upcoming Georgia-Florida game.

Murray says the biggest thing you see this season that’s been different than other years is the mentality. If you can walk into a game and know you’re going to “kick some butt,” it’s a huge win. The defense is getting to the quarterback; the offensive line is opening up holes for the running backs.

As far as preparing for Florida, Murray believes the way Georgia’s defense if playing, it should shut down Florida’s offense. He says, obviously, you get the text messages with the trash talking (he grew up in Florida and had friends that played at UF); there’s always going to be smack-talking on and off the field.

Murray mentions Florida fans running around in ‘jorts’ being comical. However, you never know what can happen in these big rivalry games; guys just take it up another notch.