Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer joins Rick and John after game 1 of the season.

Bud was happy to get a win on the road last night in Dallas. Coach Bud described Dennis Schroders play last night and thinks he will have a great year. Mike talked about having one of the youngest rosters in the league and is looking forward to the challenge of growing and developing them as players. Bud told us how genuine John Collins is a player and his desire to affect the game and how he has taken some defensive steps already.  Coach Bud said that Tyler Dorsey is very quiet and unassuming player. Mike gave props to Taurean Prince and how he is engaged and makes winning plays for the team.

Bud talked about Marco Bellini helping the young guys and showing them what true work ethic is in the NBA and how he will give them a boost off the bench and true leadership. Coach Bud mentioned how his son sent him the Gordon Hayward video of his injury and he hopes he is able to make it back and wishes him the best. Mike said he has been spending way too much time watching his Dodgers and is very excited for them in the postseason and hoping they clinch tonight and get to the World Series.