Tabitha Hollingsworth says her sister Lamora Williams, the Atlanta woman who is accused of killing 2 of her children by putting them inside an oven and turning it on, has had mental issues since she was a child. “Teachers told us to get her some help. We tried to get her help”, says Hollingsworth, who is ten years older than the 24 year old Williams. According to Hollingsworth, her sister met longtime boyfriend, and father of her 3 sons, Jameel Penn, when Lamora’s oldest child, daughter London Williams, was 1 month old. “They were together for 6 years”, says Hollingsworth, “and then he just abandoned them”. She says that her sister and Penn broke up 3 months ago, and that Williams had recently suffered a miscarriage. “They talked every day and argued”, says Hollingsworth, “He knew how she was, but he just kept putting babies in her”. Hollingsworth adds, that the family tried to get the children. “She said if we tried to take her kids, she’d kill them”.


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