Georgia Tech is 3-1 and has a big game coming up against Miami. Dukes & Bell asked Coach Johnson about the start to the season and why his team is a bit of an enigma to him.

What about your team?
“There’s certainly somethings better and we haven’t played anyone as talented as Miami. We will get a good test this weekend. I’ve been frustrated with our turnovers, so hopefully we can clean that up.”

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How are you viewing the play of your offense?
“I think we’ve played really good in the center-guard box and they’ve played well.”

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How impressed have you been with first-year QB TaQuon Marshall?
“I kinda knew during fall camp that he had won the job. He has a good skill set, he a tough kid and so far, the moment hasn’t been too big for him.”

Who’s the best option QB you’ve ever seen?
“We had some pretty good ones here at tech, but Tracy Ham (at Georgia Southern) was probably the best player I’ve ever seen.”

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What about this week’s opponent, Miami?
They got good skilled guys and the last time we were there, our QB got a crick in his neck after one play, and the momentum changed. We’ve had some crazy games with them.”