Dave Archer from the Atlanta Falcons Radio Network joined Rick and John.

The guys briefly talked about the Coach Richt interview and Dave’s Iowa State team beating Oklahoma. Dave described his interactions with Richt and mentioned that he sounded very relaxed. Dave told us he will be calling the Boston College versus Louisville game.

On the Falcons front, Dave said if he had a guess, Vic Beasley and Mohamed Sanu won’t play Sunday against the Dolphins, but Courtney Upshaw could. Dave believes the Falcons are ramping up Beasley to play again after the Dolphins game. He went into some great detail on how soft-tissue injuries are rehabbed.

Arch told us the Falcons can improve “across the board” and they haven’t done anything yet that doesn’t need tweaking. Dave told the guys about ball movement and what the Falcons need to do better in all phases to get better. Arch described how he feels Matt Ryan is getting back into game mode and trying to fire on all cylinders if he feels the right side of the line is back to normal.

In terms of play-calling, Dave said that we have seen some good calls from Coach Sarkisian so far this season with how he has mixed things up.


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