Brett Romberg from 790 the Ticket and Co-Host of the Zaslow Rom & Amber show joins Rick and John.

They joked with Brett that Hugh Douglas claimed he out kicked his coverage and he agreed. Brett told us he wouldn’t be surprised if the game was moved up to a noon start due to weather concerns. Brett describe his time playing for the University of Miami and the hard times they went through under Al Golden. Brett recalled one of his games against FSU, the outcome and the dehydration he through due to lack of water. Brett told us Mark Richt must come out of halftime with an answer and not get out coached like he has in the past.

Brett said that Miami’s front 7 are the best they have had at the school in a long time and he fears for FSU’s QB safety. Brett described to us what this week means to him as a former Hurricane as they prepare to face FSU. Brett talked about the Cam Newton comment and what it’s like to work with a strong female broadcaster everyday on his show in Miami.