By Mark Owens

Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason joined Rick and John talking Georgia versus Vandy Saturday.

  • Coach Mason described what went right during the first half for them against Florida and what didn’t go right in the second half.
  • Coach Mason talked about beating Kansas State (a ranked team) on their home turf in what people considered an upset, but he didn’t.
  • Coach Mason said he isn’t preparing for a particular QB, but rather the system that UGA runs under Kirby Smart.
  • Coach Mason talked about the struggle to get Ralph Webb going this season and blamed the guys up front not knowing the system as well as he would like, especially with two freshman.
  • Coach Mason described the fine line between raw emotion and having to pull players back to the middle and refocus them.
  • Coach Mason talked about the matchup between his defensive front line against UGA’s offensive line.
  • Coach Mason told us they didn’t handle UGA last year. The Commodores played UGA and Vandy just happened to make one more play than the Dawgs did.
  • Coach Mason told us he never pays attention to the point spread because it has nothing to do with the price of tea in China.