Andre Pattillo, Morehouse’s athletic director since 2000, was robbed at gunpoint by a woman he met on craigslist.

According to a Fayette County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the robbery occurred the morning of September 19th after Pattillo sent an Uber for the woman to be brought to his Fayette County home.

According to the report, shortly after her arrival, Pattillo noticed his door open and went to shut it. Once he returned to his room, a man entered pointing a gun at him instructing Pattillo to get on the floor.

In the midst of the robbery, the woman told Pattillo, “Baby, I’m sorry, I just needed some money for my kids.”

The report states, the robbers became distracted giving Pattillo an opportunity to escape through the front door and to a neighbors house to call police.

In all, the thieves stole a bank card, laptop, phone, and a 9mm pistol.

Pattillo, A 1979 graduate of Morehouse, was not injured in the incident.

Morehouse officials have not responded to the incident because it did not happen on campus.

  • Julien Virgin is a staff writer at CBS Radio Atlanta

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