By Maria Boynton

When I spoke to Chef Andre Gomez two days ago he was asking for support for his native Puerto Rico. “Thank God my family is okay, but they need everything”, he said. The U.S. territory was devastated by Hurricane Maria earlier this month. “They need water, canned goods, wipes, everything” he said. Now, Gomez is saying “can you please ask them to stop”. The 1400 square foot space that he was using to take in the supplies “can’t fit anymore things” he says. He is the owner of Porch Light Latin Kitchen in Smyrna, GA. Items were also being collected at the restaurant Buen Provecho in Marietta, GA.

“We have a plane”, Gomez says, “but until we can organize what we’ve taken in, we won’t send it”. He had hoped to get the supplies flown away this Sunday. Hundreds brought items after Gomez’s plea for help was placed on broadcast and social media. “The community was so gratious”, says Gomez, “and for that, I am very thankful.”


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