Will Vandervort from The Clemson Insider gives Rick and John the inside scoop on this weekends biggest college football matchup.

Vandervort talked about quarterback Kelly Bryant and how he earned the spot and performed well thus far. He mentioned how the Tigers were impressed with how Bryant handled adversity during the game and came back strong.

Vandervort told us Lamar Jackson will get his and is very impressive to see in person. Plus he is better than most running backs. He talked about Clemson’s defense and thinks they will get theirs against Louisville and that they’ll cancel out Jackson’s big plays. Vandervort explained to us how Clemson turned over the positions where the previous players went to the NFL.

There will be great offense and defense this weekend between Clemson and Louisville, Vandervort believes, and he sees it being a very entertaining game. Vandervort agrees with the line Vegas has for the Clemson-Louisville game even though he isn’t a bettor. He told us that he believes it will be a lower scoring game this year than last between these two teams.



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