For the second year in a row, John Michaels sings every time the Atlanta Falcons win. It’s not always pretty, but it’s ALWAYS one of the most entertaining musical efforts of the week.

After the Falcons won on the road in Chicago on Sunday, Michaels formulated his idea on the plane home, then sat with Mark Owens to lay the track down. It was an ambitious effort and definitely not as easy Week 1 song to go for.

“Twista raps really fast,” Michaels said, remarking that it took at least 15 takes to finish his Falcons version of “Adrenaline Rush.” The song is broken into two parts with Psycho Drama rapping slow and Twista speeding things up. That’s what Michaels said was the issue.

Owens gave Michaels credit on air: “[You] started the season at the top, challenged yourself.” Michaels thinks the end result was “very mediocre.”

Go judge for yourself. Here’s John Michaels’ Atlanta Falcons Week 1 victory song:


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