The experts are doing their jobs. They have made their ‘unbiased’ picks for the 2017-18 NFL season. They have calculated all the rosters, depth charts, coaching changes and added in thousands of factors they consider important in coming to their conclusions about what is going to happen this season.

But there is a problem. Big one.

They are all wrong.

Not ‘I oversold’ this team or ‘I didn’t factor in X’ about that team. No they are making choices with clear minds and deep depths of knowledge.

Now I have been doing this for some time, in most cases longer than most of the national ‘experts’. And if there is one thing I have learned is that you can’t look at a spread sheet and make anything more than a wild guess.

What they are missing is not that the Falcons have the deepest roster in the NFL (which I strongly see as true). Or that the ‘window’ for this version of the Falcons is just now opening. They see that. They have told us that directly on our show. Or even that the concerns over fallout, or a hangover, from what happened last February are overblown. Most have said that they are.

What they can’t see is what happened BEFORE the late stages of the third quarter at NRG Stadium.

Dan Quinn’s ownership of this club happened in the bye week of last season. Yes the Falcons lost two games after that bye week. One to the Chiefs that did little but make the club angry since they realized they were, by far, the better team and it was truly time to act like it. And of course the other.

No what they are missing is the real story setting up this season. What happened from kickoff to the late stages of the 3rd quarter in Houston… that was the real game! That was how good this club (which, btw is now even better!) really was and is.

Nancy and Debbie believe they have a fortune-teller’s ability to predict injuries and awful referees calls. Surely those can happen. Did to the Falcons last season and still you saw what they accomplished. Those ‘realists’ say you can’t accurately predict what the ‘experts’ are saying is an accurate prediction.

Here are the truths about these Falcons.

– They are the best team in the NFC South (by a hundred miles).
– They are the best team in the NFC (by far!).
– They are the best team in the NFL.
– They are the best team in franchise history.
– They will make and win Super Bowl 52.


– Stand by for a butt kicking!

The same experts who are picking the Seahawks, or Packers to win the NFC or the Bucs to win the South will be on a TV set near you around week-6 or week-7 at the start of their studio show hooting and hollering about “Oh my lord, how good are these guys!”

Yes they are that good. They just can’t see it yet.

Welcome to the season I have waited 43 years to see!

You are about to be witness.

Rise Up!

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