If you’re a football fanatic, or just a couple out on a casual date, Atlanta’s newest mega building seems to have something for everyone. The Atlanta Falcons will open their new $1.5 billion dollar home when they host the Arizona Cardinals in pre-season action this Saturday. The game starts at 7pm est.

The new stadium has 75,000 seats, compared to 71,250 at the Georgia Dome, the former home of the Atlanta Falcons. The stadium seats measure 21 inches, they were 19 inches at the Dome. The halo board is 58 feet tall and, when rolled out, stretches 1100 feet. When it comes to food and entertainment, Mercedes-Benz Stadium will have 673 concession stands. The Georgia Dome had 407. There is also no shortage in the number of beer taps, there are 1,264 of them at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. There will also be 24 bars and restaurants. Its roof expands over 14 acres, and takes 9-12 minutes to open and close. There are also 160 pieces of artwork at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, including the 41.5-foot tall statue of a falcon. It has a wingspan of more than 64 feet.


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