On Thursday morning, The King Center along with a group of multi-racial pastors from the “Better Together” initiative collectively responded to recent outbreaks of racial bigotry, hatred and violence transpiring throughout America.

The group of clergyman and women assembled at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church with the intent and focus on connecting Metro Atlanta’s most influential pastors who want to heal the racial divide.

Dr. Bernice A King and Pastor Reggie Joiner of Northpoint Community church led the group of ministers who went on record denouncing the growing climate of hatred, bigotry and violence that is plaguing America’s society and call for peace and reconciliation among all communities.

“If we don’t know each other, we cannot understand each other… we’re not going to change unless we have a relationship with each other,” said Joiner. Joiner grew up in the 60’s and understands the climate of then and now.

Racial tensions have been at an all time high since the riots which took place in Charlottesville, Virginia in early August and President Trumps subsequent comments.

As leaders of their respective congregations, the spiritual leaders who came together Thursday morning hope this act of unity will help, “light the way out of the darkness of the current divisive and polarized climate towards the creation of the Beloved Community.”

  • Julien Virgin is a staff writer at CBS Radio Atlanta. 

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