If you’re turned on your television for the last year you have been bombarded with stories of Russian hacking a collusion that resulted in Donald Trump being elected President.  This constant drum beat has overshadowed the first six months of this administration and plunged the President’s approval ratings in to the low 30%, strata never seen by a President this early into his administration.  This negativity has led many Democrats to believe that they will be able to just ride this wave of dissatisfaction into the midterm election cycle and be able to take back both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.  So much so, that at one point the party considered the slogan “Have you seen the other guys?”.

However, this plan to ride “RussiaGate” to victory may be what ultimately leads to GOP survival.  RussiaGate much like Benghazi, TrooperGate and a myriad of other scandals plays well within the halls of the Capitol and offices of the elites, but average Americans just do not care!  At its fundamental base, the Russia investigation is about whether the Trump campaign worked with Russians to release some embarrassing emails from John Podesta and the DNC.  It is not about Russian changing vote results or releasing sensitive government classified documents.  When you did down to the bottom of the Russia story there is nothing there as far as most Americans are concerned.

Americans want jobs, healthcare, security and a better standard of living.  Not some investigation that only political junkies and talking heads understand.  If Trump or other senior administration officials are arrested, indicted and tried that is when the public will start to care.  But as of right now Russia is not an issue that will win an election on its own.

For this reason, Democrats must win on policy. Instead of “Resisting, Democrats have to “insist” on a progressive agenda that meets the needs of middle America and not just the coastal corporate elites that finance campaigns and think tanks.  Calling Trump voters racist, sexist, xenophobic or dumb does nothing to expand the base and restore the traditional bedrock of the Democratic party.

Even from the political minority position Democrats can come forward with policy proposals that appeal to most Americans.  Trump’s election was not an embrace of a Conservative agenda for America because Trump is not a Conservative.  Trump’s election was a signal that American’s are sick and tired of the political status quo from both parties.  For this reason, Democrats must come forward with revolutionary ideas and not simply rely on Russia to save the party.  Climate change is important but does not resonate unless you can articulate to voters how the Green economy will put money in their pockets.  Immigration reform is crucial, but if voters don’t understand that more legal immigration keeps the economy rolling and allows for the American standard of living to exist, then they will chant “Build that wall”.

Democrats cannot simply rely on the crutch of Russian to carry them over the line in 2018.  There are massive numbers of uncommitted voters nationwide who are looking for results that the GOP simply have not delivered on.  Democrats are in a position for a wave election carrying the party into 2018 and 2020 when a new generation of leaders will be prepared to take the reins of political leadership.  But in this crucial time for America, if they don’t articulate real policy and real solutions for voter then we can expect 8 years of Making America Great Again.


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