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This season on Big Brother

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, Big Brother Season of Temptation has been all about Paul and Wednesday night’s head-shaking episode was no exception.

Just when it seemed the Houseguests couldn’t drink any more of the BB vet’s Kool-Aid – both Elena and Matt made moves that benefitted Paul’s game, made themselves vulnerable and left Big Brother Nation speechless. And this BB super fan got host Julie Chen to weigh in:

What happened?” I asked.

“I don’t know if I should call it a false sense of security, but with Cody in the house, everyone feels safe because he’s enemy number one,” said Julie. “That being said, this is Big Brother.”

Instead of taking the coveted Power of Veto and saving herself from elimination, Elena chose to nab 5,000 bucks and broke a deal with Alex, who also happens to be the current Head of Household. That means she’s still on the block and could go home tonight.  “Bad move,” I say, and Julie agreed. “Betrayal doesn’t go over well ever in life, but in the house where trust is all you have. You really feel it deep.  It’s a deep cut. So that was very foolish on Elena’s part.”

Another foolish move? Matt who DID win the Power of Veto and could have saved himself. Instead? Chose to save Jason – so  Paul  Alex could put up Cody! Didn’t we learn this lesson from Marcellus in season 3??

“Matt this is BB!” Julie exclaimed in disbelief. “You’re in the line of fire.  You could have taken yourself out.  I mean stand up for yourself – You saw what happened with Marcellus!”

Julie told me as of the feeds late last night, it looks like those two are safe and Cody is going home. But it’s not too late. “If Cody could just learn how to be a little bit of a phony and put on a social game – he might be able to turn it around.” She predicted. “Hopefully he does because I think he can make the show that much more interesting. Who else is going to take out Paul?”

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Right???? Julie Chen is my spirit animal.

My favorite part of the night? When Cody revealed to Kevin he has a young daughter.  “We’re all multi-faceted,” Julie explained to me. “A lot of people love Cody, but a lot of people think he’s mean. They think he’s a bully, they think he’s arrogant.  So we have to show that other side. Especially, since the chips are down for him.  Let’s show you that there’s much more to Cody than what you’ve seen.”

I was starting to get curious if there were going to be any more temptations for the House Guests this season and Julie assured me I wouldn’t be disappointed. “There’s something I’m going to tease at the end of tonight’s show.  It’s a different twist, and it’s going to have fallout.” Julie started as my ears perked. “Some of the choices will be funny, some will be detrimental to certain people’s games – but that’s all I can tell you.”


“So, who’s your dark horse, Julie?”

“Don’t discount Jason. Jason hasn’t made any enemies in the house and he is playing a good social game and no one is targeting him. No one has even whispered his name as a target.”  Julie reminded me.  “I think if I was a betting man, I would say Alex.  She’s good at competitions. She’s not stupid. But she’s in deep with Paul.”  Yep. “I just hope that they use each other until the end and then she cuts him loose.  That would be the ultimate, right?”

The ultimate.

I think Julie may be a bigger fan than I am!

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Could Thursday’s double eviction episode finally shake up the house?  Tune into Big Brother tonight at 9 PM ET (delayed PT) to watch the drama unfold, only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.