Longtime College Football journalist Barrett Sallee joined Rick and Randy for a preview of the 2017 CFB Season.

Barrett weighed in on the new BBQ joint at Sanford Stadium. Barrett also weighed in on our slice of life question. Barrett discussed his article regarding coaches cheating in college and the built in buffer of plausible deniability. Barrett said the coaches they talked to were a good mix and the coaches who participated seemed ok with the cheating. Barrett didn’t see Josh Rosen’s comments as a big deal in the proper context. Barrett said he didn’t understand the uproar over Josh Rosen’s comments about school and work not meshing.

Barrett told us Michigan is very overrated and their ranking comes their outspoken coach. Barrett disagreed with Rick on the best player in CFB is this year telling him it’s Derwin James and not Saquon Barkley. Barrett told us he thinks Stanford will be good this year. Barrett thinks the best QB’s in the SEC are Hurts and Allen.