By Marlena Turner

Being new to the city of Atlanta can be considered a luxury, as there are so many new places to discover that makes the city fully alive and welcoming to newcomers. The southern charm extends, and before you know it, you’ve had the most amazing night meeting some of the most interesting people that you’ve ever met before. With so many activities, local bars, restaurants, there are no shortage of events and locations bustling with people to meet. Put on your walking shoes, or get dressed and hit the town, for these are some of the best places to meet new people in Atlanta.

MJQ Concourse
736 Ponce De Leon Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30306

MJQ Concourse is a well-known night club in Atlanta where people of all races, ages, and backgrounds converge for one of the best nightlife experiences that the city of Atlanta has to offer. From the unique interior filled with graffiti, neon lights, to the eclectic DJs that grace their stage spinning mashups of Michael Jackson and Wu Tang Clan, it is a destination must when visiting the city of Atlanta. Known for their chill, no dress code, come as your are atmosphere, its the best place to meet a diverse group of people with a shared interest in just enjoying life. Be mindful, MJQ is a cash-only bar. Their most iconic night is hiphop Fridays. Throw on your cool clothes, and dance the night away, and enjoy meeting like-minded music lovers.

The Sound Table
483 Edgewood Ave. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30312
404) 835-2534

What makes the Sound Table such a unique location to meet new people is its transformative atmosphere. Its a restaurant, a bar and a club all rolled up in one depending on the time of day that you visit. The ambience has a lounge-like feel, their service is excellent, and the music adds to the unique atmosphere as you enjoy their delicious and creative southern dishes. By midnight, young professionals 30s and up come and enjoy nightlife as their restaurant is transformed into a dance club. Sip on some of their unique cocktails, listen to the diverse music, and interact with others for an unforgettable night. However be mindful, the parking in the area can be $20, so Lyft or Uber is highly recommended if visiting at night, and be prepared to pay a cover charge between $10 – $15 dollars at night as well.

The Gathering Spot
384 Northyards Boulevard Northwest, Building 100
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 948-2459

Are you a professional, creative, or entrepreneur that wants to connect with others just like you? The Gathering Spot is a member-only group that benefit from a 24/7 access to office space, restaurant space, and social events. Members have access to their concierge services, networking events and parties, hosted events or access to the space for events of their own, 24/7 workspace, and free parking for members and member guests. Those interested must apply to become a member. There are 2 levels of membership with a $300 initiation fee due at the time of acceptance, after members have a choice to pay $2000 annually, or $200 per month. Under 30 members pay $100 initiation fee, and $100 per month. They also offer dedicated desk space for $165 per month in addition to member fees.

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Piedmont Park
Monroe Drive N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 875-7275

Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s largest and most popular park in the city. Thousands of people frequent the park daily. Those interested in meeting others dedicated to living a fit lifestyle have the opportunity to check out their walking and jogging paths, take a fitness class, bicycling, swimming among other activities. Connect with dog lovers and bring your pooch to their dog park and let them run free while you connect and meet other dog owners. In the summertime, Piedmont Park becomes a haven for locals in Atlanta, and with so many choices, you can’t go wrong with choosing Piedmont Park as the perfect location to meet new people.

Atlanta Beltline
Intersection of 10th Street and Monroe Drive
Atlanta, GA 30309

Sometimes taking in the city provides the best opportunity to meet new and interesting people in Atlanta. The Atlanta Beltline is apart of Atlanta initiative to redevelop urban areas within the city, essentially connecting 45 intown neighborhoods by a 22-mile loop of trails, streetcar, and parks that were formerly railroad corridors that encircled Atlanta. The belt line has become one of the more popular areas due to the amazing street art that encapsulates the entire belt line, as Atlanta is home to some of the most creative artist that dedicate their creativity to the wonderful city. There are parks and trails that exist in all 4 corners of Atlanta, however one of the more popular belt line trails is the Eastside Trail that consists of the Historic Old Fourth Ward Park. Walk the trail, bike the trail, or walk your dog while you take in the city of Atlanta, meeting new and interesting people at every turn.

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