Seven times Katie McCrary asks the DeKalb officer “What did I do?” He never answers her. It’s heard in the video from June 2017. The African American McCrary is forcibly held down by a knee to her back, on the convenience store floor, by Officer P.J. Larscheid. He keeps telling her to “put your hands behind your back”. She says “I’m trying”. He is also seen beating the 38 year old McCrary, even when she doesn’t move, or squirm. Vicious blows. The metal baton is heard bouncing off of McCrary’s bones. I counted 13 hits. Larscheid also threatens to shoot her if she doesn’t comply.

The investigation into the officer’s arrest of McCrary was reopened after the video went viral. Community activists are calling for Larscheid to be fired. Other activists are boycotting the business. The Chevron is located at 3364 Glenwood Road in Decatur. Haroun Shahid Wakil, with the group Street Groomers says their concern is that “a sister was brutally beaten” inside the store. He believes the owner of the store should have “called the police on the police” or told Officer Larscheid “not in my store.” The Street Groomers leader adds, “If they don’t get that black dollar, they don’t get that business. And, no business means no gas station.”

Sir Maejor Page, President of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, says he bonded McCrary out of jail. He says that he is her spokesman , victim’s advocate, and provided her legal representation. According to Page, “We’re living in a time and place where law enforcement takes advantages of the homeless and mentally ill because they think society has written them off.”


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