Ryan Mayer

Phillips Arena is in the midst of a $192.5 million renovation and judging by the first looks at some of the concepts that are being added, Hawks fans will be offered a pretty entertaining experience at future games. ESPN’s Darren Rovell revealed concept art for the Hawks new arena features on his Twitter account yesterday and among the new features are a court-side bar, a barbershop and a suite that has golf simulators. Feast your eyes upon the future of Hawks game experiences.


The court-side bar is the first of its kind in an NBA arena. Team COO Thad Sheely spoke to CNN yesterday about the plans saying that the plans include updating almost the entire building.

“It’s so much more than a renovation,” Hawks COO Thad Sheely said, per Jill Martin of CNN. “A renovation implies that we’re putting some paint on the walls, maybe you added a bathroom or two to your house. It doesn’t really denote to scale. We really are, with almost at $200 million, are going to be able to touch almost every thing and facing piece of the building.”

According to the CNN story, Zac Brown, lead singer of the country music ban Zac Brown Band, will open a Zac Brown Social Club with chef Rusty Hamlin, that will feature a gourmet Southern menu and a live music stage. The renovations will take place over the course of the next two summers, but the arena will of course open for the beginning of the Hawks 2017-18 season.


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