By Beau Le Blanc

Naturally, with the WWE in the City of Angels on Monday night, they had to bring out the latest addition to the Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo Ball and his even more famous father, Lavar. Outside of Paul Heyman, I can’t think of a better advocate for an athlete then Lavar Ball. He gets SOOO much heat every time he opens his mouth, like when he said his son was better than NBA Champion Steph Curry.

“I’m gonna tell you right now, he’s better than Steph Curry to me,” LaVar Ball said. “Put Steph Curry on UCLA’s team right now and put my boy on Golden State and watch what happens. I’ll double down on it again. Like I said, if I don’t know what my boy is about, I’m not going to make that statement. Steph’s going to have problems trying to guard my boy. Play one on one!”

That’s pro-wrestling, saying something outlandish to garner attention to put you, or in this case your son, over. Lavar has many, many, many critics, but they’re all talking about him. (Not to mention yours truly) The WWE knows this, and they know that they want mainstream media attention. And what better way to get it than to book the controversial figure du jour? Once it was announced Lavar, Lonzo and Lamelo would be appearing on Monday Night Raw all the sports blogs ran with it, people who had no interest in Wrestling tweeted they were going to watch, DVRs were set and the gifs, memes and clips were flowing like wine. We all played right into their hands…

WWE got coverage on all the sports outlets, The Balls got to promote their brand and Dean Ambrose even got a free t-shirt. Other than an unfortunate slur out of Lamelo’s mouth, the segment went pretty well and even lead to a half-decent 6 Man Tag Match. Obviously there would be no physicality on Lonzo’s part, but as with most of their media appearances, Dad was doing the heavy lifting. On the scale of WWE Celebrity Guests it was certainly no Bob Barker, but it wasn’t Dennis Miller either. Everyone in the sports media landscape is chasing eyeballs and clicks and whether you like him or not, Lavar Ball pulls in both.

Each and every Wednesday, it’s Pro-Wrestling Wednesday on 92-9 The Game, be sure to check back each week for the latest on the wide world of wrestling. 


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