When asked to vote — whether it’s politics, polls, sports lists… anything — the reasoning behind how people cast their opinions vary more than most can imagine.

That’s why it’s easy to get both enraged angry and have a sense of calm at the fact that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan came in at No. 10 on the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2017 list.

Ryan maneuvered the Falcons’ offense to the Super Bowl and enjoyed that unit finishing as one of the more prolific scoring offenses in the history of the NFL. He also brought home hardware as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.

But when the NFL Network placed Ryan at No. 10, they not only said that nine other players were better, but two quarterbacks (Tom Brady and Aaron Rodger) were too.

How could this be? Some of Ryan’s teammates had that question.

Even Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Evans had an issue with Ryan’s placement.

One of the aspects of this list you must remember is that the players vote on it. That means there will be all sorts of allegiances, ties and experience shaping how they vote. J.J. Watt played only a handful of games last year, but he was added to the list by reputation alone.

That could be why Brady and Rodgers were ahead of Ryan… reputation. Not many will argue Brady and Rodgers haven’t had more impactful careers than Ryan, they have. But in 2017, only one passer can say he was better, and even Brady can’t definitively say that because Ryan was the league’s MVP.

It’s OK to be angry with Ryan at No. 10 on this list. Just know that the MVP award is a more indicative notion to where the Atlanta quarterback falls on true 2017 lists.


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