When it comes to college football, The Midday Show with Rick & John doesn’t mess around. These guys do, at least, an hour of college football talk every day… all year long. And they aren’t afraid to make predictions.

Hosts Rick Kamla and John Michaels along with producers Paul Bible and Mark Owens spent part of the show picking four college teams each in a College Football Playoff fantasy draft. Which member of The Midday Show could draft a team with the eventual national champion on it?

Here are the teams (draft order: Paul, John, Mark, Rick):

Paul Bible: Alabama, Clemson, Michigan and Auburn
John Michaels: Ohio State, Washington, Oklahoma State and Miami
Mark Owens: Georgia, Oklahoma, Louisville and Wisconsin
Rick Kamla: Florida State, USC, Penn State and Stanford

The guys may have a small “wager” on the table, but that’s not the full story.

Knox Bardeen and Mike Conti decided they wanted to field a team from what was left over. Here’s what they took:

Team Conti-Bardeen: LSU, Florida, West Virginia and UCLA

There was a disagreement on just how involved Bardeen and Conti were since they weren’t a part of the fantasy draft and had to pick leftovers. The Midday Show decided its four teams were so confident that Bardeen and Conti could have the entire field of college football.

There was plenty of hilarity in the segment, which you can listen do by clicking below:



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