A packed Clayton County courtroom is bearing witness as the trial gets underway for Jessie Murray. He is the black man charged with murder in the death of a former police officer. Activist attorney Gerald Griggs calls it “an awesome sight of community support.” Griggs adding, “it will go a long way to making justice fair and balanced.” It was 3 years ago when Murray and his ex-wife were inside a bar on Old Dixie Highway. Reports indicate that a group of drunken white men attacked Murray. He says that he went outside to his vehicle to retrieve a gun, and as he tried to re-enter the bar, one of the men Nathan Adams assaulted him. Murray contends that the gun went off accidentally, killing Adams, who was a former cop in Forest Park. Murray is using a “stand your ground” defense, claiming that he feared for his life and that of the mother of his children. But, Judge Andrew Collier ruled, during a pre-trial hearing, that Murray would not be immune from prosecution. The judge stated that Murray could not use “stand your ground” because he (Murray) said the gun fired accidentally during the struggle with the men.

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