Atlanta’s city workers are getting a substantial pay raise.

According to Mayor Kasim Reed, over the next two fiscal years the City of Atlanta will raise its minimum wage to $15 per hour. The changes will start with a pay increase to $13 per hour in Fiscal Year 2018, beginning on July 1, 2017.

“With this action, we are demonstrating that the City of Atlanta offers competitive employment at all levels, and respects the dignity of all workers. I am also pleased to raise the starting salary for our firefighters, who set the standard for professional fire departments in our state,” said Mayor Reed.

The City of Atlanta was able to set the new minimum wage by teaming up with Atlanta Jobs with Justice, a local non-profit organization. This measure immediately impacts 360 employees and will affect more than 850 employees once the second fiscal year is complete.

“The fight for $15 came to Atlanta through our organization, supporting fast food workers fighting for a livable wage. The courage of those workers told us that Georgia workers everywhere were ready for $15. We are excited to see Atlanta restore its promise to living wages, because more than 1,000 individuals will be pulled out of poverty from this action,” said Shannan Reaze, Executive Director of Atlanta Jobs with Justice.

Public safety personnel and city employees have received eleven salary increases totaling more than $26 million in compensation since Mayor Reed’s inauguration in January 2010.


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