Rick Kamla, host of The Midday Show with Rick and John, hammered out a few thoughts on Tuesday’s trade where the Atlanta Hawks sent center Dwight Howard to the Charlotte Hornets for Miles Plumlee, Marco Bellineli and their second-round pick, No. 41.

Here are Kamla’s good, bad and ugly thoughts from the deal:


  • Dwight’s game is so 2009, and not a fit in today’s game, especially the way the Hawks play.
  • They clear $47 million off the books.
  • At least they got something for Dwight, unlike Paul Millsap.
  • Dwight is a good fit in Charlotte, reunited with Steve Clifford (ORL).
  • Dwight will start over Zeller, Kaminsky.
  • Hawks now need to draft Jordan Bell at 19.


  • Couldn’t move up from 19 to 11 in the draft.
  • Had to give up pick No. 31 for 41.
  • The league just told us how far Dwight’s value and rep have fallen.
  • Dwight punished for working on 3s.


  • 10-year playoff streak is over.
  • Say hello to the 20s… as in the number of 2017-18 wins. Hello lottery.
  • Hawks turned Al Horford into Miles Plumlee, Belinelli, and a downgrade in the second round.