By Beau Le Blanc

Last Sunday night was WWE’s Money in The Bank event (went 4 for 5 on my predictions), featuring the first ever women’s Money in the Bank match that ended in controversy. Courtesy of Carmella’s BFF, James Ellsworth, who ended up being the one to grab the actual briefcase and handed it to the Princess of Staten Island for the victory.

“WHAT?! A MAN?! THAT’S WHO GRABBED THE BRIEFCASE?!!?!?!” – Large segments of social media since the match ended. Case in point…


Carmella is a heel AKA “Bad Guy” AKA “N’er-do-well,” why else would her boy that’s not her boyfriend have been at ringside in the first place? Also, per the ever-fluctuating WWE Rule Book, ladder matches are by definition no disqualification matches. So why all the hostility to the outcome? I get that some fans are still wary of the way Women are presented in the WWE, but it’s not like they turned back the clock to bra and panty matches all of a sudden. Keep in mind that the women’s division on Smackdown is now in a MAJOR storyline as a result.

To start Smackdown, Carmella entered the arena in Dayton, OH to a chorus of Boos. Her line(as seen above) about being the only woman who was competing to win instead of just “making history” was a stroke of genius. Especially since during interludes of last week’s programming and on social media, the WWE had all sorts of women wrestlers giving props and selling the historic nature of the match. All Tuesday night the various Female superstars plead their case to GM Daniel Bryan and he seemed to legitimately consider their points and his options as defined by the WWE’s rule book and board of directors. Then, in a move that should surely boost ratings he decided another #MITB match would take place on next week’s Smackdown. Personally, I might’ve gone with a 4 way between the other women for a shot at Carmella’s Briefcase to get more TV out of it, but I digress. People are freaking out over a supposed milestone being usurped, when really, they should be excited that the women are in a storyline this meaningful. Which is what the revolution/evolution is supposed to be all about, no?

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