Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard joined The Midday Show with Rick Kamla and John Michaels on Tuesday to talk about an accolade he’s set to receiver. Howard will be given the Spirit of the League Champion Award from the Urban League of Greater Atlanta.

You can listen to the entire interview below or watch it above.

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In addition to talking about his time with the youth of Atlanta and his thoughts therein, Howard did get some basketball conversation in with Kamla and Michaels.

Howard commented on a recent statement where he felt he was a future Hall of Famer:

“Somebody asked me that question and I said ‘Yeah.’ It’s not like I’m going to be like ‘Nah.’ I think that’s really belittling myself,” Howard told The Midday Show. “I’m not somebody who is high and mighty and I’m above everybody, but I felt like what I have done in my career, not a lot of people have done that, you know. I’ll let history and stats and all that stuff speak for itself, but I’m still playing. I think I’ve got a lot of years left in me . So I’ll let you and the other guys do the talking.”

Kamla also asked if Howard thought a Kevin Love and Chris Bosh were on that same path toward the Hall of Fame.

“I think Kevin Love, when he’s done, Chris Bosh when he’s done, I think he’s a Hall of Famer,” said Howard. “And a lot of people have said ‘Why Chris Bosh? He hasn’t played the same since he was here.’ And I’m like, it doesn’t matter if he played the same since he was here, look at his resume and what he’s done for the game. You know how he came into the league, just everything. I’m a big advocate of Chris Bosh.”

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Then the conversation turned toward 3-pointers and whether or not Howard was settling in to develop his long-distance shot.

“When I did that and they just kind of took that and said, ‘OK he’s just going to shoot 3’s.’ But I think in order for me to play as long as I want to play I have to grow as a player I have to expand,” said Howard. “And it’s like we talked about it when we were just talking about kid, don’t let nobody tell you you can’t do something, you know.

“So I practice that every day you know. I’ve been in a gym making sure I’m losing weight, because I don’t want to be this big, stiff guy. I’ve been working on a lot of different things that are going to get me ready for next season because I really want this team to compete with the Golden State’s and and the Cleveland Cavaliers and have an opportunity to win a championship, and that’s one of the things that is very important to me is winning a championship . I watched the Falcons get close. The Braves, I saw them win with Fred McGriff back in the day. And like man, what if the Hawks won a championship? How big that would be just for the city. Every day I train. That’s was always in my head.”

Howard told Kamla and Michaels he has lost 14 pounds in three weeks. It appears Howard will be a more trim and athletic piece for head coach Mike Budenholzer to utilize next season.


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