At the start of today’s election, for the 6th District Congressional seat, 140,000 ballots had already been cast. Supporters of the candidates Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel voted ahead of last Friday’s deadline. “We’re seeing very high numbers”, says Candice Broce with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. She adds, “It’s up from the April 18 election which was just under 57,000”. In that race, Ossoff received 48 percent of the vote. Of the 18 candidates in the contest, 11 were republicans. Handel received 20 percent of the vote, which propelled her to today’s runoff against Ossoff.

sunday vote 7 ebenezer group e1456418822879 Costliest Congressional Race In History Being Decided Today

File photo of voters in Fulton County in October 2014. (Credit: Maria Boynton/CBS Local)

Research indicates that 50 Million dollars have been spent on the race, making it the costliest Congressional race ever. Republicans have held the seat since the 1970s, and are fighting to keep it. The election is seen, by many, as a rebuke of President Donald Trump, a republican.

Ossoff, a democrat, is a 30 year old former Congressional aid and documentary filmmaker. Handel, a republican, is a 55 year old former Georgia Secretary of State. The winner would replace Tom Price, who was chosen by President Trump as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.


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