Mark Owens is back with another 10 Min. Tailgate Tour talking MMA, SEC, Braves and NBA.

We kick the show off talking about the biggest fight to ever hit Vegas, or so we are told. Mayweather vs McGreggor is set and its going to be 90% hype and 10% fight. However, the real winner will be the publicists. To the NBA and its nice to have money as one fan spent how much on 5 seats to the Finals? We talk about what is appropriate to spend on a trip to a Championship game. Some inside information on the biggest mascot in Georgia. Not UGA, not Buzz, not Freddy the Falcon, but the Braves “Freeze.” How did this in-game feature come about and who is the real winner? To some CFB news and why is one school going after a 10 year old? Too soon!

Click below to hear episode 028 of the 10 min. Tailgate Tour.