Phil Steele is known for his annual College Football Preview magazine and joins Rick and John to talk about the 2017 Season.

In a lengthy chat with Rick and John, Phil Steele talks about why his annual magazine was late getting to the newsstands but why its still better than most. They talk about UGA and he has them ranked high, but why he sees Florida taking the SEC East. He gives Miami some love for the ACC, which makes John happy. From there they talk about who has more to prove between UGA and GT and he thinks UGA was a disappointment in 2016 and has high expectations this Season. He talks about who his surprise team is this season and Wendy, the Gators fan is giddy (spoiler alert, he picks Florida). They talk about Bob Stoops and Phil thinks Stoops will be coaching again one day and there will be more to the story. Finally, he likes Auburn’s schedule better then Georgia’s this season and gives AU the nod this season.

Click below to hear Phil Steele with Rick and John.