My new podcast What Happened When has returned me to the world of one of my first loves, professional wrestling.

Thanks to the vision and dedication of Conrad Thompson and Court Bauer, I have reconnected as never before.  And soon, there will be a big wrestling announcement here concerning 92-9 the Game.

Recently, I made appearances at three events over a two-day weekend.  First stop was in Monroe Township, New Jersey for the annual Legends of the Ring event.  Being able to reconnect with the fans was something I never thought I would do, but it has proved to be wonderful.  I can honestly say that I am honored and blown away by each and every fan who has kind words to say about my work.

On Sunday, on behalf of Damage 365 Promotions,  I made an appearance at Bud Carson’s Pro Wrestling World in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  I’ve known Bud for a number of years and he is truly one of the great guys in wrestling.  His shop is basically a pro wrestling museum.  It is worth your while to plan a visit.  There I was able to meet with fans and talk with many of my long time friends, such as Jim Cornette:

And now a bit of shameless self-promotion with my good friend, and wrestling legend Bruce Prichard about my first live stage show coming up in July:

On Saturday night, after my appearance at LOTR, I attended the Warriors of Wrestling event on Staten Island along with others on behalf of Damage 365.  Believe it or not, it was the very first time I had ever attended an independent wrestling show.

img 3630 On The Independent Wrestling Autograph Signing Trail

Twister Sisterz (L-Holidead and R-Thunder Rosa) with some old guys. These two girls will kick your ass.

It was an amazing show.  Honestly.  It was not the best wrestling I have seen, but the young men and women who put on the event have as much, or more, passion about the business as any group I’ve ever seen.  I got to meet and watch perform  Joey B,  Darius Carter, Logan Black, Jasin Karloff, Chris Romano, Chris Steeler and many others.  I also did a bit of commentary with Matthew Ryan Shapiro and Rob Blatt.  It was a refreshing night which I thoroughly enjoyed.

38735 On The Independent Wrestling Autograph Signing Trail

On my left, Kevin S. Nasta, the head of Damage 365 Promotions/Radio

Also appearing that night on behalf of Damage 365, along with me and Lanny Poffo were some of the best women wrestlers I have ever seen.  It was quite apparent, I had been out of the sport for a LONG TIME, because what I saw from Holidead, Thunder Rosa, Kaitlin Diemond and KC Spinelli was over the top entertainment.  Holidead and Thunder Rosa aka Twisted Sisterz were spectacular.  The bumps they took were incredible.  Diemond and Spinelli had endless energy and were as polished performers as I have ever seen.  All four love the business and work tirelessly to get better, which I could not say about some of the performers in WCW back in the 90’s.

So here’s my take.  If you love pro wrestling, take your time to watch an independent show.  It opened my eyes (and yes, my heart) to the kids who are busting their ass for the love of the business.  My thanks to Kevin S. Nasta and his group at Damage 365 for letting me tag along for what was a great night.

Thanks to my partners Conrad Thompson and Court Bauer of MLW and hard-working promoters like James Soubasis of LOTR and Kevin S. Nasta of Damage 365.  My thanks to their staffs, especially Jennifer Busbee and Jon Tori of Damage 365 and Terrence Brennan of LOTR.

In 2001 I walked away from pro wrestling. Sixteen years later I am back in (sort of) and having a great time!




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