It’s Friday and boxing’s favorite two loudmouths Sean Thompson and Craig Carlos Valentino are back again this week with another episode of Championship Rounds.

In this week’s Championship Rounds podcast Craig and Sean recap another big fight across the pond.  This week they took look back at the fight between Errol Spence Jr. and Kell Brook.  One of the co-hosts of Championship Rounds was spot on with his prediction as Spence Jr. stopped Brook by 11th round TKO.  How do the guys look at both fighters now following their classic battle last weekend?
For Sean, Spence answered all the questions he had about him going into the fight in resounding fashion.
“The biggest questions for Spence heading into the fight with Brook,” according to ST.   “One could he take a punch?  Check.  Two, could he weather the storm if faced with any adversity in the fight?  Check again.  And three, could he live up to all the hype and deliver against an elite level fighter and toughest fight of his young career?  Checks all around for Spence.”
As for Craig he wondered what Brook still had left following the punishment he absorbed not just last week, but his previous fight as well.
“Two broken eye sockets in his last two fights,” said CCV.  “Not sure he (Brook) will ever heal right again.  Retirement should strongly be considered at this point for Brook now.”
Also on this week’s edition of Championship Rounds the guys look ahead to this week’s light heavyweight championship fight and get excited over the possible big fights that could take place in the next year in that division.
“With Stevenson, Ward, Kovalev, and even Joe Smith Jr. you have the potential for some fun fights that could crown the true undisputed champion of the division,” said ST.  “Sign me up for any combo of any of these fights.”
One of the biggest names in the sport of boxing Miguel Cotto has a fight coming up and a new promotional company backing him as well.  Do the guys think the 36 year old Cotto still can be a threat to some of the top guys at 154 and 160?  The guys are in agreement as they break down Cotto’s future chances.
Will the Craig and Sean be Team Oscar De La Hoya or Team Dana White this week?  The guys discuss the recent war of words between the two heads of Golden Boy Promotions and the UFC respectively. For one of the guys he understand both sides, but is leaning on one team for sure.
Finally, as is the case every week the guys finish the show with some “Quick Jabs” which highlight some of the smaller stories and anniversaries of the last week.  They finish up hitting you with some “Low Blows” which has Craig calling out a promotional company not doing a lot of promoting in boxing.  Sean goes to war with the Twitterverse and all the people who were pretty hard on Kell Brook following his loss last week.
Make sure to follow the guys of Championship Rounds on Twitter and Instagram @champrounds929
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