By Rashad Richey

Many people believe slavery is completely illegal in the United States of America. After all we are the land of the free, right? But the 13th amendment to the Constitution, the amendment that abolished slavery, says slavery is actually legal if you’re being punished for a crime… In other words, if you’re locked up, you can be a LEGAL slave…look it up. Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to bring back old-school tactics when charging non-violent offenders. Former President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder gave prosecutors discretion when charging these offenders in order to balance biases in our criminal justice system. But NOW, Jeff Sessions’ new policy mandates those same prosecutors charge defendants with the most serious charges available which will increase mandatory minimum sentences… potentially punishing people for decades for non-violent offenses. Why such a push NOW to put more people in prison for a longer time? What happened to criminal justice reform? You be the judge…

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