The Atlanta Hawks have the 19th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. They need to find young talent who can create his own shot and hold it down in the middle of the paint. Picking as late as they do in the first round, the chances of finding someone who can put up buckets are very slim, but a decent big man with upside may be available.

Here are some of the options that the Hawks may have to choose from when their time comes around. These prospects are not in any particular order of who the team may be focusing on, it is just my opinion based on what I believe the team needs.

Round 1

Harry Giles, C 6’10” Freshman — Duke
Giles has the potential to be a great player based off of the projections. He tore his ACL in high school and played limited minutes while at Duke. The question is will he be able to regain the status that he once held before he was injured and achieve that many scouts believed that he would rise to. To draft Giles is the ultimate risk/reward project for any team.

Bam Adebayo, PF/C 6’10” Freshman — Kentucky
His physical frame is made for being around the basket. With his strength and leaping ability, he should be a force on the boards. He is just as effective on defense as he is on offense. Coaches will have to work on his free throw shooting and help him develop more offensive moves in the post.

Justin Patton, C 6’11” Freshman — Creighton
Patton is a great athlete for his size. He plays above the rim and can be a pretty good distributor out on the perimeter. Scouts would like for him to be more aggressive and physical around the rim and improve his free throw shooting.

Isaiah Hartenstein, PF 7’0” — Zalgiris (Lithuania)
According to scouts Hartenstein is a very tough player. He is said to be very competitive and hustles on both ends of the floor. His shot, according to scouts, needs a lot of work.

Justin Jackson, SF 6’8” Junior — North Carolina
Jackson may be the Atlanta Hawks only shot at getting a legitimate scorer. He has improved his shot since attending UNC, where he can now knock down shots coming off of screens and in spot up situations. He is also a good wing defender. He needs to work on his game being more consistent.


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