If all the sedans on the market today were this good, it might at least slow down America’s apparently relentless move to SUVs.


Yes….while American continues to vote for SUV practicality, the traditional 4-door sedan just keeps on getting better and better…..and Ford’s Fusion Sport is proof.


“Go” comes from Ford’s relatively new 2.7 turbo four…which puts out a healthy 325 HP in the Fusion Sport….and 350 lbs of torque….running thru a 6-speed automatic.   Interestingly, this is the same basic setup that’s earned some solid reviews on Ford’s F-150 pickup…..altho’ there’s nothing “truckish” about how this engine feels or runs in the Fusion Sport.


In fact, performance and “feel” is not too far from what you’d expect from Europe.  And since we’re talking Europe, the Fusion Sport is sized within a few inches of Audi’s A6, BMW’s 5, and Mercedes’ E.


And why would we dare compare a Fusion Sport to some of Europe’s finest?   Because it delivers.   The Fusion Sport is more than just good looks. It’s got the chops to run with some of the big dogs….even if it doesn’t quite have the finesse and luxury touches that an additional $10 – $20,000 can be expected to bring.


You’ll find all-wheel-drive standard on the Sport, along with pothole detection….a computer-controlled suspension found on some six-figure vehicles.    Basically, it looks at the road ahead and adjusts your shocks if it senses a pothole in your future.….not only giving you a more comfortable ride, but possibly preventing serious tire or wheel damage.


Parallel and perpendicular parking assist are standard, too…which pretty much just requires that you be awake and able to work the gas pedal.  Never fear parallel parking again!


Inside you’ll find heated imitation suede with leather trim.   Just one suggestion, Ford……don’t feel as tho’ you have to imitate most of Germany by putting dark monotone interiors in your performance models.    A little contrasting color would, to me, give the Fusion Sport’s interior the flair to match its performance.


Now….let’s cut to the chase.    While most “regular” Fusions will have window stickers somewhere in the $20’s, our Fusion Sport had a base price of $33,475…and with a few options and destination fees, came in just under $41K.


While pricier than the average Fusion, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.    It comes with a lot of good stuff.      And when compared to European sport sedans costing $10-$20,000 more, you might even say that Ford’s new Fusion Sport is a bit of a bargain.



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