One more time for the season, Coach Bud joined Rick and John in studio for a season recap and start on some offseason news.

Rick and John quizzed coach on his musical interests. Coach Bud tried to explain why the Hawks lost to the Wizards and gave most of the  credit to the play of John Wall and Bradley Beal. Budenholzer told us they are excited about their young guys and how excited they are to have them and how thy have to find a better-working offense consistently.

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Budenholzer believes the market for Tim Hardaway Jr. will be active with a lot of competition, but they are committed to keeping him. Coach Bud praised Dennis Schroder for playing at the level he did against the Wizards and the caliber of player he was facing.

Bud reacted to Rick’s comparison of Taurean Prince to Kawhi Leonard based on body type and gave a lot of credit to Prince for putting in the work and listening to his coaches and making the commitment.

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Coach Bud mentioned how it’s always a struggle to know how long to play certain players against different teams and new schemes in regards to Dwight Howard. He explained how they plan to navigate the offseason with Paul Millsap and the fact that they want to keep him here with the team.

Budenholzer described to us how they plan to tackle their offseason and how their first focus will be on the draft and it’s usually best player available. Then after that, they will focus on free agency and players on their team whose contracts are up. Rick suggested that the Hawks take a look at Jordan Bell with their first pick in the second round.

Click below to hear Coach Bud with Rick and John.

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