Game 4 of the Hawks-Wizards series was either going to be a huge swing toward a quick Atlanta exit (if Washington won) or a harbinger of an epic first-round battle. Here’s what I saw from the couch…

  • Millsap drew second foul on Morris at 6:44 of the first quarter with a pair of drives. Millsap clearly winning the mind game with Morris.
  • Dwight took and missed a 20-footer with :09 on the shot clock. What the (bleep)! That’s maybe a 20-percent shot.
  • Bad pass by Dunleavy led to run-out by Wall and Schroder unwisely picked up his second foul with under 4:00 to go in first.
  • Then Wall drove on Schroder, who bodied him for foul No. 3 at 2:29 of the first quarter. Hawks down 27-18. Wall is clearly winning the mind game with Dennis, who exited with zero points.
  • Hawks bench to the rescue again.

END 1 — Washington up, 35-28

  • Hardaway needs to stop looking for style points when he shoots. Needs to get back to basics with his mechanics because this isn’t working.
  • It’s amazing how much better and more comfortable Bazemore is off the bench. Less pressure and better matchups for him.
  • Bazemore back-to-back lobs to Dwight for house-collapsing monster dunks that put Hawks up four late in the first half. Where’s this been all year?
  • Taurean Prince bum rushed Morris for his third foul (and one) and Hawks up 50-43 with 3:00 to go in half. Last week I asked Prince if he saw himself as an All-Star in a few years and he said “most definitely.” I’m a big big fan. Good return for Teague.
  • This is the best I’ve seen Dwight all season. Is it because of a do-or-die Game 4 or because he’s on TNT? I wish we got THIS Dwight every night.

HALFTIME — Atlanta up, 59-50

  • If you don’t love the Bud Light “Colors” ad, there is something wrong with you.
  • Jose Calderon earned every penny of his contract tonight. He’s been the difference in the game.
  • Millsap with one of the shots of these playoffs; 100-93 just under 5:00 to play.
  • Dennis with a savory bleep-you 3 at 4:27 to make it 103-93 Hawks. Timeout Wizards. But a long way to go…
  • Schroder with another dagger 3 to put Hawks up 10 with just under 2:00 left. This mental toughness, to recover from zero first-half points, is why I wanted Dennis over Jeff.
  • It’s a Schroder takeover. Another dagger from the elbow. Ball game.

FINAL — Atlanta wins, 111-101 (Series ties at 2-2)

  • Lock in y’all cuz this series is going seven. Coin flip as to who wins it…

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