Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff joined The Morning Show. John Fricke asked Dimitroff if he was surprised they were able to sign big free agent like defensive tackle Dontari Poe.

“We weren’t surprised we had the money to sign someone like Poe,” said Dimitroff. “We were surprised that the other teams who were trying to get him didn’t throw more at him to sign him.”

When asked about how he would handle draft day this year, the Falcons GM said, “Drafting late, we will ease into the day, because we won’t go onto the clock until after 10:30 probably. I’m a big scenario guy, so Dan [Quinn] and I will sit down and go over every scenario under the sun, what could happen, and change the players available when we will be there. It will affect everything if we move up or down.”

In a press conference Thursday, Dimitroff stated that the Falcons would be ready to move up, even into the 20s if needed. He also expected many teams to attempt trade back into the first round. Both possibilities could be intriguing to Atlanta.




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