Welcome to Episode 1 of our NBA-Atlanta Hawks podcast called “The Basketball Show.” This product is the culmination of two great hoops minds and will be brought to you each week.

Arthur Triche spent over two decades as the Vice President of Communications with the Hawks and has 30 year in sports management. Andy Bunker has been talking hoops for 10 years everywhere from Seattle to Boston to Portland and now right here in Atlanta, and has been on the beat covering the Sonics and Blazers during that span.

In their inaugural podcast, Triche and Bunker hit several topics. Here are the highlights:

  • The Hawks’ recent wins.
  • Overall inconsistency this season from Atlanta.
  • Playoff seeding
  • Is there a legitimate argument against Russell Westbrook?
  • Should the NBA change its logo?
  • A trip down memory lane with AT…

There’s also a portion of the podcast where Bunker mentions this very t-shirt and its meaning to him.

plunder The Basketball Show With Triche And Bunker, Episode 1

Bunker’s t-shirt. (Photo: courtesy Andy Bunker)

Click below to hear the entire first episode of “The Basketball Show.”


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