The family of Nicholas Thomas has filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against the City of Smyrna, police officer Kenneth Owens, Kennesaw State University Police, and Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds. They contend that Nicholas was executed by police.

nick thomas crop1 Family Of Man Shot And Killed By Smyrna Police File Federal Lawsuit

Nicholas Thomas is shown with his daughter London. (Photo courtesy of the Thomas Family)

thomas parents Family Of Man Shot And Killed By Smyrna Police File Federal Lawsuit

Huey and Felicia Thomas have been very outspoken since the police shooting death of their son Nicholas on March 24, 2015. (Credit: Maria Boynton/CBS Local)

Thomas was inside a white Maserati at his tire store job when he was shot in the back. The officers claimed that he was trying to get away, and was driving towards them, when they came to serve him with a warrant for his arrest for a $175 violation. Police said in a statement that Officer Owens fired 3 times into the vehicle because he was placed “at risk to receive serious bodily injury or death.” A grand july determined in July 2015 that police were justified in the shooting. Owens, a sargeant at the time of the Thomas shooting, was later promoted to Lieutenant.


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