By Mark Owens

Comedian, and Rick’s buddy, Michael Rapaport is back with his take on everything sports.

You’ve seen him in The Heat, True Romance and Justified. He also hosts an award winning Podcast, I am Rapaport. He joined Rick and John to talk about the latest from the NBA and his take on the Final Four. They started off talking about Lavar Ball and Michael wondered why he makes it all about himself and not his kids? He thinks Lavar is a good dad, but he’s hurting his kid’s name to promote a bad clothing company.

They spent some time talking about Dan LeBatard and how he is not a fan of his gimmick or his show. Michael says this lead him to making his “podcast dis track” that has become popular. He talks about his podcast and how proud of it he is.

They moved to the NBA and his MVP choice, LeBron James. They talked about some of the rules that have lead to more “triple doubles” in the NBA. The also previewed the Final Four and who he predicts to win it all.

Click below to hear Michael Rapaport with Rick and John.


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