Rick and John were joined live in studio by former Dawgs quarterback Hutson Mason.

Hutson started off talking about his days in Athens and how much he enjoyed his time there. They talked about his appearance in Athens during spring practice and then spoke about the current QB situation with Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm. He thinks Fromm will push and motivate Eason to be a better QB and leader in 2017. He also thinks there is no way Fromm will get the start over Eason, but hopes to see him play.

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Hutson talked about what he’s up to these days. He is taking one more chance at the NFL and if that doesn’t work, he will move on. They talk about players going pro and if its the right move for a player who is third-round pick at best.

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Then Mason and the guys moved to Mark Richt and Masons’ impression of his former coach. He thinks Alabama has set the bar so high for every team in the SEC that they easily look past great coaches in order to win. He thinks UGA missed many opportunities to win the East in his playing days, but won’t blame Richt for that. He also knows college football is all about money, but Richt is in a better place in Miami now.

Click below to hear Hutson Mason with Rick and John:

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