DEKALB COUNTY, GA- DeKalb police arrested a man Thursday accused of targeting late-night workers in DeKalb County.
Police said Jerome Paige Junior robbed and sexually assaulted two women at the same shopping center on Candler Road near Decatur on two separate nights.
The suspect was captured on video during one of the attacks. In the March 11 video, Paige armed with a knife is seen demanding money from a female worker at a Little Caesars Pizza. He then forces the woman into a corner where he assaults her sexually, police said. A co-worker sees what’s happening and calls police as the attacker walks away with the money.
Cops said a similar incident happened late Tuesday at a laundromat two doors down. Police believe Paige followed two customers — a man and woman — as they left the laundromat. Investigators said he approached them and led them to believe he had a gun. Paige allegedly robbed the pair and sexually assaulted the woman.

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