ATLANTA, GA – U.S. attorney John Horn announced Thursday that a former Union City police officer would not be indicted in connection with the shooting death of an unarmed black man back in December 2011. Then officer Luther Lewis who shot and killed Ariston Waiters.
After a fight broke out at an apartment complex, Lewis ended up chasing Waiters. After Waiters was on the ground face down while the two of them were alone, and one hand in cuffs , he was Le shot twice in the back. Investigators later determined that Waiters had nothing to do with that fight.
Waiter’s mother believes the shooting was in cold blood. Mrs. Waiters said she’s been let down by two grand juries that chose not to indict since the 2011 shooting. She hoped Thursday’s meeting with U.S. attorney John Horn would bring justice.
Horn told Mrs. Waiters that the officer had a right to make a mistake, when he assumed Waiters was involved in the fight.

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